Improving Sleep in Midlife

I am offering a series of six group sessions, supplemented by educational videos aimed at improving your sleep.  This group is intended for women going through perimenopause and in the post-menopause phase of life and living in Ontario. It will be offered as an online group so you can meet from your home or workplace.

 This program can help you to:

  • Feel better rested and able to enjoy life

  • Have more energy to be more active during the day

  • Be less irritable with the people you love

  • Decrease the brain fog

  • Improve your mood

  • Deal with thoughts and stress that are keeping you awake

  • Manage night sweats and trips to the bathroom

  • Feel supported by a group

  • Learn more about sleep and feel empowered you to make changes to your sleep

  • Get your questions about sleep answered by a therapist who has helped clients sleep better for many years

For more information or to register, please book a time to talk.

Helping you be active and live a full life!

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